Working with people is seeing people.

Our society is a complex machine built from individual achievement, from social activity and progress. None of this is possible unless the individual is seen for his or her skills, potentials and dreams.


No chain is stronger than its weakest link, that goes for society at large but also for when it comes to the individual. A human being is also a chain of talents and shortcomings, about will and about dreams.

Maria Heurdorf

”I have many years of experience, from being an entrepreneur and from being a public servant and this has given me a good network and a multitude of skills when it comes to seeing people for what they are, for what they want to be and how they will reach their goals.”

intro to reCensere

To hire reCensere will bring change to your company or organisation.

reCensere is a consulting business that do one-on-one change management for people in leadership, management roles or individual coaching. With fresh eyes, analyse your situation an set up stepping stones on direction, action and goals which are being monitored and measured on progress.

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Intro to Maria Heurdof

Hq for reCensere is the City of Kalmar in the south east region of Sweden, Maria is able to take on and enjoy the challenge to bring on change into the cases that she has been working on. With a MBA in business as a foundation she has developed a core method with three pillars to analyse and add value to your company’s or organisations. The methods have proven effective independent of if its a company, team or individual that require coaching and direction.


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